Your new logo & website plan

With this unifying package you’ll get:

  • An authentic brand that reflects your story and mission.
  • A beautiful, functional and editable website you’ll be pumped to show off.
  • A responsive design that will look killer on any screen size.
  • Optional site maintenance for tech-free peace of mind.
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How It Works

We’ll spend 8 weeks together planning, developing and launching your custom website.

Phase 1 | Research & Planning

A concrete identity blueprint and marketing strategy is the foundation to your success. It all starts by pinpointing your authentic mission and qualities so that you shine online. Here is also where we work on your site’s information structure and interactive features. In the planning phase we get your company, your message, and your calls to action audience-ready.

Phase 2 | Brand Strategy

See your very own mood board samples with an array branded elements. Colour, texture, and typography evolve into these visuals from your identity blueprint analysis. We call this stage ‘atmosphere’. At the end of this stage, static wire frames of your website are presented with two sparkly logos to choose from with up to two rounds of revisions.

Phase 3 | Production

Content, features and language become destinations to potential visitors. You’ll get navigable prototypes of various pages to test user experience, features, and user pathways. We will discuss your platform’s aesthetics but more importantly whether the prototype is capable of making an impact on your visitors.

Phase 4 | Testing

A live link to your website production arrives! Now the site is ready for a soft launch test. We’ll peruse the website’s functions, check for glitches, and consider elements of appearance and usability. Once these pieces are ready then we flesh out the last details for approval before the big launch!

Phase 5 | Launch!

The site is officially live! Your .com domain is forwarded if applicable and visitors everywhere can celebrate your brand new website. Here also starts the initiation of your 60 day grace period for possible malfunction, glitches or errors so you can have a tech-free piece of mind.