UIUC National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Live link: https://delta.ncsa.illinois.edu/



NCSA is interested in engaging with a contractor for front-end web development using CSS/HTML for multiple WordPress CMS websites, and to support and train the creative services team to use them. The first of three websites is Delta, a computing and data resource funded by the National Science Foundation through its Advanced Computing Systems and Services (ACSS) program, offering computing and data resources that enable GPU-accelerated computing with access to CPU resources and storage.



Streamline a series of UX modules and implement these into the Delta staging platform by authoring a master CSS stylesheet and global theme features library. Contributing to the web development task list in ClickUp by means of lean, iterative sprints. Create WordPress e-learning videos about theme workflow.


Technical Expertise

Calibrate Design specializes in providing technical expertise in front-end web development for WordPress using multiple themes, including Elementor as requested. I have personally worked closely with individual clients, SMEs, and organizations to create visually appealing and functional websites that align with their branding, marketing, and public relations goals. Calibrate Design’s agile approach enables us to work efficiently within production sprints while continuously monitoring and adjusting strategies to improve the impact of messaging, materials, and overall website performance.


Timelines & Inputs

Timelines are critical components of every marketing and public relations plan. Calibrate Design assesses when a campaign needs to launch and work backward, considering formative research conducted by stakeholders. Our materials development has robust research tasks, and we account for this in the timeline to ensure that all products are evidence-informed.


Tracking Progress At the beginning of the web development sprint, we establish goals from the plan; these can include module creation, establishing UX standards, and coded adjustments in CSS3, HTML5, and javascript. To ensure the project stays on schedule and that tasks are completed on time, all parties will utilise iterative project management tasks via ClickUp. ClickUp will allow us to easily track and monitor the progress of all tasks related to the front-end web design of your WordPress website. Another component of planning and execution is evaluation and monitoring. We build process and outcome measures and indicators to ensure that we are meeting our goals and can adjust, if necessary, to improve the performance of development. Here’s how the progress tracking will work (redacted IP).



We will set up milestones in ClickUp to track progress towards the overall completion of the project. This will give you a clear understanding of how the project is progressing with transparency and confidence.



We will communicate with you regularly to ensure that you are satisfied with the progress and that the project is meeting your expectations. Overall, the use of ClickUp will enable us to work collaboratively and efficiently on your project while ensuring that we stay on schedule and meet all deadlines. We are confident that our use of this agile project management system will help us deliver a high-quality front-end web design for your WordPress website.


Onboarding Requirements

As part of the onboarding process, it is important to ensure that Calibrate Design is provided with the necessary tools and resources to be successful. This includes administrative viewing and editing of all relevant content management systems. Additionally, project management tracking tools should be utilized to allow effective participation in ongoing projects and to understand Calibrate Design’s role within them. Participation is also critical, and Calibrate Design should be encouraged to ask questions and engage with colleagues to gain a deeper understanding of each project or task. Effective correspondence channels should be established to facilitate communication between Calibrate Design and project stakeholders. Finally, software tools and assets should be provided when requested to ensure that Calibrate Design can efficiently complete job duties and contribute to the success of deliverables and services.


508 Compliance

Owner Sarah Coleman has completed Section 508 compliance training as both a state and federal employee. Standard section 508 compliance procedures are incorporated into the development of Calibrate Design services to ensure that websites are accessible to the most users as possible. Calibrate Design can align with your organization’s 508/ADA internal processes to help ensure that products are compliant.